We Simply Do Viscosity Testing Better.

Essential to our success and yours, is properly identifying your product and processing needs.
Creating the right process design from the beginning is essential. We consider it a specialty and craft.

Proper thermal design goes well beyond temperature, flowrate, and product name. To do our job well and ensure you create a quality product, we study your product and ask for specific details. Is it phase changing? Shear thinning? What is the viscosity dependency with respect to temperature? Are there Particulates or any special considerations we should evaluate? What type of process is this? Where does the product go after the heat exchanger? Any regulatory considerations such as USDA? Regeneration or energy consideration? Hold volume concerns? Run time concerns? CIP?

Beyond the product and heating or cooling, it’s working with you to understand your entire process and vision. What is important to you? What are your measures of success? If it’s a new product, we would request a sample for complimentary viscosity testing and product analysis. APS has developed an extensive library of product property curves, it is likely that we have experience with your product process and can immediately assist with specific recommendations.

Building a better process through superior heat exchangers, detailed sanitary design, lengthy experience, good practice, and sensible options leads to an optimum solution.

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