Ultra Coil Heat Exchangers

High pressure, continuous coil heat exchangers for use with liquid medias.

Ultra Coil tube heat exchangers have a coiled tube inside a media shell. The product flows through the tube, usually at high velocities. This versatile design is best-suited for thin and viscous products, with or without particulates where high pressure capabilities may be required.


APS Ultra Coil heat exchangers are high pressure, continuous coil heat exchangers for use with liquid medias. They offer single flow path, high pressure and/or high velocity processing where the product experiences mixing through the continuous turning of the coil, experiencing the Dean effect. This mixing of the product offers more uniform temperature presentation to the media, higher heat transfer rates, and the effect of reduced fouling due to the velocity.

Ideal applications range from low acid aseptic dairy, sauces, soups, particulates, concentrates, phase changing products such as starch containing puddings or BBQ sauce, nutritional drinks, aseptic fruit for yogurt, fruit or vegetable purees, aseptic cheese sauce to add-back cheese melting.

Advantages include high surface area in a compact package, series flow path, high velocity, high pressure capable, particulate friendly, and highly efficient across a large variety of dissimilar products. USDA approved. ASME or CE ratings.


  • Pilot sized units
  • Rental units available
  • Large scale production capable

 Materials of Construction:

  • 304LSS
  • 316LSS
  • 2205 SS
  • AL6XN SS

Proven Product Applications

  • Baby food
  • BBQ and steak sauce
  • Cheese sauce
  • Coffee creamer
  • Fruit and vegetable purees
  • Nutritional drinks
  • Puddings
  • Homogenous slurries
  • Whipping cream

Proven Benefits

  • Ensure food safety – Single product flow path in series configuration
  • Save space – Vertical design
  • Reduce system size – More efficient due to coils secondary flow pattern
  • Run wide range of products – High pressure up to 5000 psi
  • Maximize HE efficiencies – Generates higher Reynolds #’s at lower flow rates
  • Customize solutions – Product tube diameters from 1/2″ to 3″

APS Ultra Coil 3D Breakdown

APS Double-Coil 3D Breakdown

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