• Pilot UHT Testing

Pilot Scale Testing of Thermal Processes

With the ability to fill aseptically in sample bags. Our high pressure coil UHT simulates real production with preheater, final heater, variable holding tube, precooler, option to homogenize, and final cooling before sending to an Aseptic filler.

APS high velocity, high pressure, indirect UHT system testing offers pilot scale trials for developing production solutions. Specifically designed to gather details on thermal processing, pressure drops, product characteristics, sterility, flavor, and texture to ensure production requirements are met. Bench systems do not scale to production. This system offers production ready solutions.


  • High velocity for longer run times, better efficiency, and
    minimum heat exposure
  • Small volume with 6-gallon retention full system to Aseptic
  • Flexible, with numerous options for process

Download a Brochure HERE or Schedule a Test at testing@gotoaps.com

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